Particularly those of you who are Members of The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG). This Year (2020) is going to be A YEAR OF SERIES OF JOY.
The reason is that it is going to be a Year of Series of Victory. Now by implications, it means that it will be a Year of Series of Battle.
But you will WIN And that is why He asked me to tell you in advance that The Battle is Not Yours will be Victories after Victories; Shout of Joy after Shout of Joy. Let me just leave it like that.


On the International Scene and we are going to rope Nigeria with the International Scene because there are some People who are waiting for what we will say concerning Nigeria. Nigeria is part of the world ok The Earth this Year (2020) unless we Pray very hard is going to behave like a child that is having CONVULSION Earthquakes in many Places that it has never happened before and that is one of the reason that you should Pray for Nigeria.
Volcanoes that has been dormant for years erupting. If you look at the Prophesies for Year 2019 for the Inter-national Scene; I gave it to you as a Bible Passage.Two (2) Bible Passages. You will see Fire and Flood. But the Lord said that whatever we have seen last Year (2019) is nothing compared with what is Coming in Year (2020). Except His children will Pray so that His Healing Hands can be upon the Nations of the World, and the reason is that SIN is becoming far, far more rampant than before. Things that in the Past will not even be mentioned is now being celebrated & God is Angry. But if we should Pray and which is one of the reason that we should Evangelise rapidly, God will Help. This Year; there will be CHANGES of Governments all over the World in many Places. Some of the Changes will be Peaceful while some will not be Peaceful. That is all that I can tell you for now!